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47th Hungarian Congress – Film: Children of Glory

Szabadsag, szerelem FEATURE FILM at Hungarian Congress:

Children of Glory

10 AM FRIDAY – SAVOY ROOM (123 min.)


Recounts the story of the 1956 epic battle between the Hungarian & Soviet water polo team against
the backdrop of the events of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. (With ENGLISH Subtitles)



Inspired by a true story. In 1956, Karcsi Szabó was a star athlete at the University of Budapest and had been named captain of the national water polo team than would represent Hungary in the Olympics held that summer in Australia.

But Hungary had fallen under the oppressive rule of the Soviet Union, and a growing number of Hungarians were demanding independence. One day, Szabó and his friend Tibi witness a demonstration led by a young woman, Viki Falk, demanding an end to Soviet rule in Hungary. While initially Szabó is more attracted to Falk’s beauty than her message, he is awakened
to the need for revolution; however, an uprising by the people is crushed by the Soviet war machine. When Szabó and his teammates discover that Hungary will be competing against the U.S.S.R. in the men’s Water Polo tournament at the upcoming Olympics, they see an opportunity for a symbolic victory over their oppressors if they will be allowed to leave to country to compete.

(Based on the true story of Hungary’s 1956 water polo victory over the Soviet Union in what has been described as the most violent match in the
history of the sport. The documentary Freedom’s Fury offered a factual perspective on the same event.)





Film: Children of Glory

Film: Children of Glory