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Arpad Alliance

1970Founded in 1970, established in 1971. It recognizes dedicated
Hungarian community leaders (in America, Australia, Canada, South America and
Western Europe) who serve their communities in an exemplary fashion by awarding
them the Árpád Alliance medal.

2018 Árpád Alliance Honoree

We are honored to be able to present the Árpád Alliance medal to Mr. Paul Szentkirályi. We ask him to step forward at this time. Paul has served our Hungarian community, here in Cleveland and around the world through his leadership in the Hungarian Scout association in Exteris. He has brought innovations to Hungarian scouting while at the same time maintained the culture and traditions of the organization. Whether it is leadership training, character development, camping, or administration, Paul is at home in all these fields and tackles each new challenge with the energy and insight needed to deal with all the generations of our Hungarian scouting community