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48th Hungarian Congress – The Art of Renaissance Cooking

“The Art of Renaissance Cooking”


Saturday, 2 – 4 pm


Come, learn and enjoy new recipes with Edith Juhász, chef and culinary expert. Renaissance cooking truly was an art! Today, it continues to appeal to the sophisticated palate, working its magic with a delightful blend of spices and herbs on the finest meats, grains, fruits & vegetables. Come see and learn about “The Art of Renaissance Cooking” as practiced in Hungary. And you might even get a taste!


The Hungarian Association Juhasz Edit will repeat its popular and successful Friday afternoon event, “Secrets of Great Hungarian Cooks”! Our theme will be “Hungarian Renaissance Cooking.” Come watch and hear professional chef Mrs. Edit Juhász prepare and serve Hungarian specialties and delicacies revised for the modern kitchen but based on the style of cooking brought to Hungary during the heyday of the Hungarian Renaissance, the late 15th century, at the Court of King Mátyás by his Italian Queen, Beatrix of Aragon. Mini-samples – guaranteed delicious – will be provided for the audience. In addition, all attendees will receive a free bilingual mini-cookbook containing all the recipes and instructions. There is no charge for this event. Penthouse Suite, Crowne Plaza Cleveland City Centre Hotel (777 St. Clair Ave, next to E. 9th St.)
[In English & Hungarian]