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The 49th Hungarian Congress – Sándor Balla

Balla Sandor








Sándor Balla will perform during the Friday evening Artistic and Literary Program, a traditional event and part of the Hungarian Congress. Sándor is a Hungarian opera virtuoso, born in 1976 in Marosvásárhely (Targu-Mures), in Transylvania (Erdély), Romania.
In 1994, he received his high school diploma from the Marosvásárhely Art School. In 1999, he was awarded his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance, Clarinet Major, in the class of Prof. Daniel Theodoru at Transylvania University in Brassó (Brasov). In 2004, he was awarded a second Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance, Canto Major, in the class of Prof. Alexandru Farcas at the Gh. Dima Music Institute, in Kolozsvár (Cluj- Napoca).
From 1998-2000, Sándor performed both as vocal soloist as well as choir member at the Lyrical Theatre, in Brassó. From 2000-2006, he was an opera soloist with the State Symphony Orchestra in Marosvásárhely. From 2006 to the present, he contnues his career as an opera vocalist at the Elena Teodorini Opera in Craiova, Romania.

 G. Donizetti – Lucia di Lammermoor (Enrico Ashton)
 G. Rossini – The Barber of Seville (Fiorello)
 F. von Suppee Giovanni – Boccaccio (Boccaccio)
 P. I. Tchaikovsky – Egene Onegin (Gremin)
 G. Verdi – La Traviata (Germont)
 G. Verdi – Falstaff (Falstaff)
 G. Puccini – Madame Butterfly (Sharpless)
 R. Leoncavallo – Pagliacci (Silvio)

Vocal Symphonic:
 F. Schubert – Missa in Sol (bas solo)
 W. A. Mozart – Requiem (bas solo)
 G. Puccini – Messa in Sol (baritone solo)
 Faurée – Requiem (baritone solo)

Master Classes:
 1999 Gh. Rosu, Brassó
 2000 Corneliu Murgu, Brassó
 2000 Mariana Nicolesco, Brassó
Sándor Balla continues to perform numerous concerts in, Hungary, Romania, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, and the United States.