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NOVEMBER 28, 29, 30 2014, Cleveland Airport Marriott Hotel

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Heritage (Megmaradni)

Documentary Film 2013, 65 minutes, Hungarian with English subtitles


“And so the years passed, and later I started to think about how it was possible to live a Hungarian life outside of Hungary.”

(László Böjtös, Cleveland, Ohio)

Réka Pigniczky’s latest documentary addressing the issues of cultural identity, Heritage portrays the generation who fled Hungary after the Revolution of 1956 and who made their home in the United States. Only a small percentage of this group held onto their Hungarian identity, but for those that did it held a sense of mission. From Hungarian school and scouting to folk dance ensembles and church groups – even sports teams – the parents of this generation instilled Hungarian language, culture and identity into their children through a unique Hungarian “incubator.” Heritage is a collection of interviews with this group of Hungarian refugees and never before seen archive film footage of their first years in the U.S.

Cast: László Böjtös, Szabolcs Kálmán, Kálmán Magyar, Andrea Mészáros, dr. Károly Nagy, Ödön Szentkirályi, and Katalin Vörös

My Daughter is Not Like That

78 min – Comedy – 29 April 1937


Gitta at the age of twenty is a modern-minded girl. Frank Fekete is courting her, but her conservative father does not like him, so they meet in secret. Feri uses a cunning trick to lure her into his home: he says he is sick. When she realizes that the he does not have an illness, she breaks up with him, but the flood of rumors become unstoppable …

Ladislao Vajda (as Vajda László)

Kálmán Csathó (play), Károly Nóti

József Bihari, István Egri, László Földényi