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The 54th Hungarian Congress – Newsletter

Hungarian Association Recognizes Molnár, Csomán and Jokay with Árpád Alliance Medal

The Hungarian Association rec-ognizes dedicated Hungarian Amer-icans who serve the Hungarian American Community in an exem-plary fashion by awarding them the Árpád Alliance medal. Please send your nomination for recipients to
Mary Jane Molnár, was rec-ognized as President of the Hungari-an Cultural Center of Northeastern Ohio, where she was instrumental in the merger of the 100 year old St. Stephen’s Club with the Geauga Magyar, thus creating a strong and viable club of 460 members. We honored in Mary Jane, the worker behind the scenes, the fund raiser, the networker and the incredible administrator.

Endre Csomán, National Vice President-Fraternal of the William Penn Association, was recognized for his achievements in preserving and promoting the Hungarian culture in America. He has strengthen the “Magyar” identity of Hungarian Americans by acquainting them with our Hungarian heritage, through meetings, commemorative celebra-tions, Hungarian picnics and commu-nity fund raisers.

Dr. Károly Jókay, Executive director of the Hungarian American Fulbright Commission, was presented with the Árpád Alliance medal for re-vitalizing our Hungarian identity and the invigoration of Hungary’s reputa-tion. As co-founder of the Jokay Foundation he has helped many dis-advantaged students with scholar-ships, and also runs cultural, religious and youth activities in the countries around Hungary where indigenous ethnic Hungarians have become mi-norities in need.

Cleveland State University Reestablishes Hungarian Studies

Cleveland State University’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, to-gether with Fulbright Hungary and Cleve-land’s United Hungarian Societies signed a cooperative agreement with the Hungar-ian-American Fulbright Commission in Budapest to establish a Fulbright Visiting Professorship in Hungarian Language and Culture on Saturday, November 30th, 2013, during the 53rd Hungarian Con-gress of the Hungarian Association, held at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown from November 29 through December 1, 2013.

The project received pledges for funding from the Hungarian Association, the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Socie-ty, the Cleveland Hungarian Development Panel, the American Hungarian Friends of Scouting, the Hungarian Cultural Cen-ter of Northeastern Ohio, the Cleveland Hungarian School, the William Penn As-sociation, the Hungarian Community of Friends, Cleveland’s United Hungarian Societies, and a private donor.

CSU has invited a Fulbright lecturer from Hungary to begin in the Fall semes-ter of 2014, to serve for three academic years starting 2015/2016.

Following the press conference, Drs. Jókay and Szentkirályi were joined in a roundtable discussion, featuring local and international Hungarian language instruc-tors reflecting on Hungarian Studies at North American universities.

Participants were Susan Papp Aykler, lecturer at the Munk School for Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, Imre Márkus (not in picture) instructor at Lakeland Community College in subur-ban Cleveland, and Dr. Mártha Pereszlényi-Pintér, chair of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures, John Carroll University, Cleveland.

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