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57th HUNGARIAN CONGRESS – Dr. Erzsébet Uszkai Orosz

Learn Transylvanian Kalotaszeg Embroidery from Dr. Erzsébet Uszkai Orosz

At the Hungarian Association Congress during the


Open Friday and Saturday November 24-25, 2017

at the Hilton Garden Inn Cleveland Downtown, 
1100 Carnegie Ave, Cleveland, Ohio  44115 

A bit about the artist, Dr. Erzsebet Orosz

  Oroszne Uszkai Erzsebet“I was born in Szilágysomlyó (Transylvania) at the foot of the Magura Mountain, on the banks of the Kraszna River. I completed a degree as a pharmacy technician in Nagyvárad (Oradea, Transylvania, Romania). I worked there until 1978, when with our two children I emigrated to the United States, to McKeesport near Pittsburgh, PA, where my husband was a minister of the Reformed Church. I completed my studies for a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy, in Ada, OH, where I was also awarded my Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. Trying to preserve my Transylvanian heritage in our home, I have surrounded myself with works of art from Transylvania. I have brought samples of these to the exhibition. My Mother, Mother-in-law and I, myself have prepared most of the needlework. I have collected the rest of them in Transylvanian villages.”