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The 58th Hungarian Congress – Topic: “It’s not enough…”

Guest of Honor

2018 Hungarian Congress, Guest of Honor is Marion Smith. Founding President of the Com- mon Sense Society in Budapest, which has become an international foundation that promotes civic en- gagement, entrepreneurship, and leadership virtues among young professionals in the United States and Europe. Marion Smith is a civil society leader and expert in inter- national affairs, and has been exec- utive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation since March 2014.

Mr. Smith will be the keynote speaker at the November 24th, 2018 luncheon of the Hungarian Congress in Cleveland.


A collection of award winning films from the BuSho Hungarian International film festival, will be shown at the 2018 Hungarian Congress November 23-24. Festi- val organizer Tamás Gábeli will lead discussions following the viewing of each film.

At our annual Hungaricum and Book Exhibit we are happy to wel- come a new artist Edian Tárkányi presenting her collection of dolls.

More detailed information in the attached PDF.