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Lecture by John Lauer

The Hungarian Association’s Congress
Presents a lecture by
John Lauer,

“Borsod Chem Hostile takeover”

He will describe how a Hungarian Chemical Company was taken over by Russian Interests. Followed by discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of the free market.

John Lauer is the Chairman of Ogle Bay Norton in Cleveland. He has benn featured in the Wall Street Journal as having a most unusual business philosophy:
You should be rewarded only when your performance merits it.

Acordingly he does not receive a salary at Ogle Bay Norton instead, if through his performance the company’s stock performs well his reward will be the same as that of the shareholders: an increase in the Ogle Bay Norton stocks.

Lecture at 11 am Friday, November 23

at the Sheraton Cleveland City Center
at 777 St. Clair Ave NE just west of East 9th St
on the 6th floor