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45th Annual Hungarian Congress — Presentations

word-imageMeghívó / Invitation

Magyar Társaság – Hungarian Association

Come to the 45 Annual Hungarian Congress Jöjjön el a XLV. Találkozóra! 2005 november 24-27

Magyar Kongresszus / Magyar Találkozó / Árpád Akadémia / Árpád Rend Crowne Plaza Cleveland City Centre hotel, 777 St. Clair Ave.,

in downtown Cleveland

Presentations IN ENGLISH

At the Hungarian Congress, presentations from members from around the world, given primarily in the Hungarian language, are aimed at exchanging ideas and providing the opportunity to learn about issues of interest. The Hungarian Congress also has English language presentations, targeted at Hungarian Americans, young and old alike, who are more comfortable with English as their primary language. We invite your participation and that of your friends and colleagues.

FRIDAY November 25 (English) SAVOY ROOM

2:00 PM dr. Ludányi András (Ada, OH):

“Serb-Hungarian Conflict in Vojvodina: What Can WE do?”

2:45 PM Somogyi F. Lél (Cleveland, OH):

“Publishing electronically in any language using computers and Internet technology – an overview of how new media is enhancing and sometimes replacing book and paper-based publishing”

FRIDAY – November 25 (Bi-Lingual) RITZ ROOM

4:15 PM Faberné Papp Erika (Sandy Hook, CT) – Műsor irányító. Kerek asztal megbeszélés [Bi- lingual – English & Magyar]; „Lélekben egyek – One in Spirit: Egyházak és egyesületek együttműködése Magyarországon és külföldön”

SATURDAY November 26 (English) SAVOY ROOM 2:00 PM dr. Basa Molnár Enikő (Chevy Chase, MD):

“Integrating Hungarian literature into Hungarian Studies”

2:45 PM dr. Várdy Huszár Ágnes (Pittsburgh, PA): “Behind the Veil: The Life of Women in Muslim Society”

3:30 PM dr. Csihák György (Zurich, Svájc):

“Sacra regni Hungarici Corona – The Sacred Crown of the Country of Hungary and the Issues of the Settlement of the Hungarian Common Law”

4:15 PM Gattoné, dr. Gyékényesi Katalin (Cleveland, OH):

“Hungarian Women Film Directors and the ‘New’ Hungary (since 1990)”


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