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47th Hungarian Congress – Children’s Program

Children’s Programpill

Nov. 24th: Saturday morning Craft and Story Time (in
English) 9:30-11:30 a.m. for ages 4-10 based on The Book of the Forests,
written by Transylvanian / American novelist Albert Wass for his own boys.


Come hear about the forest dwellers, the elves, fairies and the little angel who instructs them all.Enjoy crafts, puzzles and games based on the adventures of the self centered beetle, the butterfly of good deeds, the hopping gray bunny always searching for something, the clever blue jay, the chattering squirrel, the red capped woodpecker and the great black nothingness. All activities will be geared to the appropriate age level.



Primarily in English, but –
„Szivessen mesélünk magyarul is a gyerekeknek!!”



Parents – Join your children at this event – or –
enjoy the other presentations at the Conference!
Your children will love ♥ having their
own special Hungarian program – while you have yours!





2007 Children's Program

2007 Children's Program