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47th Hungarian Congress – FILM: Freedom Dance

Documentary FILM at Hungarian Congress: SUNDAY, Nov. 25, 11:15 a.m., Ritz Room


Freedom Dance,(released 2007)freedom dance
animated documentary, Steven
Fischer & Craig Herron
(4 months in the lives of artist Edward Hilbert &
wife Judy during 1956 Hungarian revolution.
Story of the Hilbert’s eventful escape
intercutting original character driven animation
w/recorded interviews & photos. (Winner of
2007 Peer Awards, Documentary, Washington
DC.; Official selection at Utopia Film Festival, Greenbelt, MD)


A cartoonist keeps a diary in cartoon form
during his adventurous escape from the
deadly 1956 Hungarian Revolution.
Freedom Dance is produced and directed
by award-winning filmmakers
Steven Fischer and Craig Herron,
combining recorded interviews and
photographs with the unconventional use of
character-driven cartoon animation