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49th Hungarian Congress – Ágnes Huszár Várdy

Várdy ÁgnesÁgnes Huszár Várdy



Ágnes Huszár Várdy, Ph.D., is a novelist and conducted the first “Writer’s Workshop” at the Hungarian Congress in 2008. She is also an academic research writer, and professor of Comparative Literature, currently at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Her presentation will be given in Hungarian (magyarul). Her numerous publications include:

– Mimi (a novel)
– My Italian Summer (a novel)
– Karl Beck élete és költői pályája
– A study in Austrian romanticism: Hungarian influences in Lenau’s poetry
The following with Dr. Steven Béla Várdy:
– Society in Change: Studies in Honor of Béla K. Király (East European Monographs)
– The Austro-Hungarian Mind: At Home and Abroad
– Triumph in Adversity Studies in Hungarian Civilization in Honor of Professor Ferenc Somogyi on the Occasion of his Eightieth Birthday
– Peasant Wit in Magyar Folktales
– Újvilági küzdelmek: az amerikai magyarok élete és az óhaza






2009 Ágnes Huszár Várdy

2009 Ágnes Huszár Várdy