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49th Hungarian Congress – Zsuzsa Rácz

Zsuzsa RáczRácz Zsuzsa


“There is (culinary) life after goulash, no?”



Come, learn and enjoy authentic Hungarian recipes with Zsuzsa Rácz, chef and culinary connoisseur. Today, Hungarian cuisine continues to appeal to not only home-cooking aficionados, but also to the sophisticated palate, working its magic with a delightful blend of spices and herbs on meats, grains, fruits & vegetables. Come, see, and learn about “AUTHENTIC” Hungarian cooking secrets and techniques. And you might even get a taste! In addition, all attendees will receive a free bilingual mini-cookbook containing all the recipes and instructions.

[In Hungarian, English translation provided]

Ms. Rácz is a professional translator living in the Cleveland, OH area. Among her numerous and varied interests is the art of cuisine, especially Hungarian cuisine.






2009 Zsuzsa Rácz - Hungarian Cuisine

2009 Zsuzsa Rácz - Hungarian Cuisine