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49th Hungarian Congress – Andrew Ludányi

Ludanyi AndrasAndrew Ludányi


Dr. Andrew Ludányi is Professor of Political Science at
Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio, and his primary
responsibility in the subfields of Comparative Politics and
International Relations. His research has focused on
interethnic and inter-nationality relations in East Central
Europe, with particular attention to developments in the
Transylvanian region of Romania and the Vojvodina region
of northern Yugoslavia / Serbia. More recently he has also
studied and written policy papers on the Russian-Chechen
conflict of the past two decades. He has published
numerous articles and reviews and edited three books in his
research area, including studies on nationalities policies in
Titoist and post-Titoist Yugoslavia as well as in
Ceausescu’s Romania, such as Transylvania: The Roots of
Ethnic Conflict (1983), Hungary and Hungarian
Minorities” (1996), The Fate of Magyars in Vojvodina
(2002), and Historiography in Transylvania (2004).