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48th Hungarian Congress – Scarlett Antalóczy

 Antaloczy ScarlettThe Hungarian Congress welcomes you at two presentations featuring our guest from Canada:

Scarlett Antalóczy




1.) “Energy Medicine to Quantum Physics” Scarlett has been described as “. . . a Doctor of Traditional Chinese and Natural Medicine and a versatile Composer, Pianist and Singer, with a haunting voice to soothe your soul. In all areas her presentations are always highly original and incomparable.”

2. ) “Conversations with Hungarians Worldwide”


Scarlett Antalóczy works internationally and currently has her own Music and Medicine Wellness Centre in Canada. She is fully licensed and is a member of the Board of Directors for the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners of North America and a member of the Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, SAG and ACTRA. Scarlett is recognized for combining TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Sound Healing. She successfully integrates Music, Medicine and the Arts, particularly Hungarian music and culture. She will give presentations on pertaining topics also as part of the HUNGARIAN CONGRESS 2008. CD’s are available: “The Antalóczy Trio,” “Scarlett Woman” and “Ambiance for the Soul” as well as her recently published book, FREEDOM ’56 which will all be available at the Congress.
Scarlett Antalóczy’s websites: and

Since Scarlett was raised with Hungarian music and culture, over the years she continues to promote it, together with her artistic parents Imre and Éva Antalóczy. Scarlett – along with her parents – are “The Antalóczy Trio” – and they will also grace us with Hungarian and original material at the Friday evening Literary, Musical & Artistic Program (November 28, 2008)