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The 49th Hungarian Congress – Stephen Spinder

Spinder StephenExplore the vanishing, rich Hungarian folk culture
and hidden treasures of Erdély with American photographer and 14 – year Budapest resident:


Stephen Spinder
“Ten Years in Transylvania”





Internationally recognized artist, dancer, publisher of two books: Tíz esztendő Erdélyben/Ten Years in Transylvania (bilingual) – a visual document of images that reveal the still powerful vestiges of an ancient culture still preserved in spite of  the quicken eastern wave of westernism. Stephen’s focus is on traditional music and dance –  integral parts of village existence – and the culture that guards and preserves it.
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Budapest Through My Lens, A Solitary Perspective – another hardbound collection of his photographs  since 1991, capturing the grace and beauty of this ancient capital city. Unique views, elegantly  enhanced with sepia, duo-tone reproductions, rendering a turn-of-the century feeling of the city’s  “Golden Age.”



Stephen Spinder fell in love with the hidden Hungarian folk culture in Transylvanian villages in 1991 and became passionate about making it a major part of his life. He moved to Budapest in 1995 to be closer to the source. He has no Hungarian roots which makes his story even more unique. As a photographer with a 17-year passion for all things Transylvanian, Stephen weaves quite a life changing story…in “Hunglish”! A remarkably animated and entertaining speaker, Stephen now devotes more time touring in USA to give his presentation complete with PowerPoint, personal anecdotes and Hungarian dancing. Its stand-up comedy with a message! Stephen commands the attention of his audiences with his infectious sense of humor.
This passion has been recognized by the Hungarian Cultural and Foreign Ministry and led to the publication Ten Years in Transylvania and exhibitions in Europe – Magyar Magic – and in USA including the Hungarian Embassy and EU Accession Day at the Kossuth House in Washington DC, and the George Eastman (Kodak) Museum in Rochester NY.
Not only do his remarkable experiences in Transylvania enthrall audiences, so do his photographic impressions of the cityscape of Budapest. Commissioned work includes that of many international corporations, as well as those that grace the walls of Budapest Office of Tourism, the American Embassy in Budapest, and Hungarian missions world-wide. His work is also in the collections of consulates, embassies and ambassadors, and his Budapest books were presented to presidents George W. Bush and George H. Bush. His work has been shown at the American/Hungarian Museum in NJ, Budapest Spring Festival, Hungarian Consulate in NY and in Los Angeles and Boston. His limited edition fine art photographs and published books of Budapest and Transylvania are now available in North America. ( –
Mr. Spinder earned his BA degree in Studio Arts and Photography from SUNY Oswego and furthered his formal education in photo-journalism at Rochester Institute of Technology.

“His speciality is Transylvanian culture and lifestyle. He captures the kind of portraits that hold an entire life story….reveals the still powerful vestiges of an ancient culture, traditions that have changed little over time.”- Elekes Botond, Hungarian Ministry of Culture; “He captures unforgettable views of the cityscape, the architecture and its inhabitants. I have been photographing this city for decades and I have never thought of some of the views Stephen was able to capture.” Péter Fáth; CEO, American Chamber of Commerce





2009. Stephen Spinder

2009. Stephen Spinder