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The 52nd Hungarian Congress – Nádas Gabriella

NadasGabriellaNádas Gabriella

(Canton, OH; a Magyar Társaság ügyvezető elnöke,

„Erdélyi sikerek: Kárpát-medencei Református Kollégiumok Évnyitója”



Twenty years ago, Gabriella Nádas established a remarkable assistance project through which each year dozens of Hungarian-American families from all over the U.S. have become the symbolic godparents of young ethnic Hungarian students in the Reformed High Schools (Kollégiums) of Romania. Many of the students are from small villages where high schools are not available. After finishing high school, they go on to study at both Hungarian and Romanian universities. The Reformed Church, as well as the Catholic and Unitarian Church, provides Hungarian language education that is the basis for the survival of the Hungarian community.

Due to her fundraising success, the 1.5 million dollars she has collected have enabled several thousand Hungarian students to attend the Kolozsvár Reformed High School and similar institutions. These funds have also made
possible the building of several Kollégiums (dormitories) as well as the repair of some of the old buildings the Hungarian churches re-acquired, after many years of fighting for them, as restitution from the Romanian government.