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The 54th Hungarian Congress – Aron Sovegjarto

Aron SovegjartoThe 54th Hungarian Congress presents

Aron Sovegjarto

New young talent, singer and actor, direct from Hungary, to perform a medley of popular as well as operetta songs, that appeal to younger and older audiences.

Friday, November 28th, 2014 at 7pm

Cleveland Airport Marriott 4277 W. 150 Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44135, USA
Tickets available preordered or at the door $10

Reception to follow performance.

The program will include selections from Hungarian operettas like Gül Baba, János Vitéz, Prince Bob, and will be rounded out by current productions Mr. Sovegjarto is performing in. The songs will be sung in Hungarian, but the program book will include many translations.

Visit Mr Sovegjarto’s web site at and don’t miss his Hip Hop rendition!!

A special thank you to the Hungarian Initiatives Foundation helping make this evening a true community event.