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55th HUNGARIAN CONGRESS – Short program

English Language listing of all our programs (in Bold).


Theme: “Historical Insights, Hungary and WWII”

English translations for Hungarian language sessions are available.

2015 November 27-29


10:00 Congress Opening: Dr. János Nádas, President, a short slide and archival footage presentation of The Cleveland Hungarian Museum’s current exhibit on the Cold War featuring the Soviet Invasion of Hungary 1944-45, produced by Ari Lazar
10:15Pálinkás Jó Reggelt” „Top of the Morning to You” History and traditions of Hungarian brandy tasting, with tasting hosted by Zsolt Dömötörffy and István Hargitai
10:15 Movie (in Hungarian): Egy Éjszaka Erdélyben featuring Szeleczky Zita
11:00 (in Hungarian) Dr. John Nadas’s legacy papers revealing his opinion on the 1930 Hungarian government inner workings in the late 1930 to early 40’s
11:30 (in Hungarian) Dr. Dénes Mátyás CSU fullbright Scholar, analysis of Sándor Márai’s: Eulogy
12:00 (in Hungarian) Hungary in WWI: Gergely Bödök, historian PhD candidate, Mikes Kelemen Program Cleveland Coordinator
12:30 Hungarian Association luncheon reception hosted by Mrs. Mariana Somogyi
2:00 (in Hungarian) Prof C. A. Macartney’s Reflections after 1956: Botond Záhony Clementis
2:30 (in Hungarian) „We Belong Together”: László Jurkó Széphalmi
2:30-4 (in Hungarian) Children’s movie afternoon: „Ábel a rengetegben” Organized by Agnes Toldy.

3:00-3:30 Formal Opening: ARTISTIC EXHIBITS, BOOK EXHIBITSOpen Friday and Saturday;

„HUNGARICUM” CONSIGNMENT SALES” All Things Hungarian Sale: All Day Saturday

Organized by Julie Ludanyi (Ada, OH) and Ilona Erőssy (Cleveland, OH)

Exhibit of Water Color Paintings by Emery Bogardy
Exhibit of „1938 Letters of resignation from by Members of the Hungarian Parliament”
Memorial Exhibit of „Historical works of Imre Makk”
WWI photographs and Wool Art exhibited by László Jurkó Széphalmi
Folk Treasures of Transylvania: Elizabeth Uszkai Orosz
3:30 (in Hungarian) Interactive Games in Hungarian „Things our Parents Talked of”
4:30 (in Hungarian) „Transylvanian Autonomy Questions, International precedents”: Eszter Herner Kovács
5:00 Transylvanian Gathering”: organized by ÁgnesToldy, Zsuzsanna Simon-Benedek and Loránd Csibi, review what being Transylvanian means (in Hungarian), tasting opportunities of the Foods of Transylvania
6:30 Cocktail Reception before & after the „Literary & Artistic program” (cash bar)
The Exibit room will be open Friday till 7 pm


Literary and Artistic Program presenting: „Baroque and Bartók”

From Transylvania: Kálmán Nagy first violinist of the Nagyvárad philharmonic orchestra and his wife Eva Nagy is a flute soloist. Also featuring student Hungarian verse recitations and folk songs and music on traditional Hungarian instruments by Ádám Török Dancsó

Tickets available at the door $10, reception to follow.

8:30 The Dr. Imre Ladányi Foundation Art Competition Exhibit and Judging
8:30-10 Reception hosted by the Hungarian Association



9:15 Greetings: Dr. János Nádas, President, and Dr. Martha Pereszlény Pintér, Program director
9:30 Book Review „School of a Different Kind” by Dr. Martha Pereszlényi Pinter
9:30 Film: „The Consul from Bern” in Hungarian with English subtitles
10:00 CSU Linguistic Summer Field School Research presentation by Dr. L. Grebenyova and students, This study attempts to document the influence of a second language on the first language of heritage speakers and reveal language preservation processes that occur in heritage communities throughout the United States.
11:00 Break
11:15 Forum: The future of Europe and Hungary: Refugees, Migrants, Great Migrations, following the ppt presentation there will be an open discussion group for English speakers

12:30 Luncheon Keynote Speaker: Sándor Szakály: „ Hungarian and WWII”

The speaker will talk in Hungarian, but simultaneous translations will be available to those attending.

Advance ticket reservation required. ($25)

2:00 Chronic Pain Management : Dr. István Hargitai:
2:30 A History and Analysis of Hungarian Life in Columbus: Artur Allan Bártfay
2:30 Children’s interactive music program followed by crafts.
2:30 Yearly Assembly of the Knights of Saint Ladislaus (László), under leadership of v. Viktor Falk Keynote speaker: Fr. András Mezei (in Hungarian)
3:00 Break
3:15 (in Hungarian) Ildiko Peller presenting Life and times of actress „Zita Szeleczky”
3:45 Dr. Ferenc Szebényi, Consul General Chicago: „Hungarian Foreign and National Policy” (in hungarian, translation available on request)


Advance ticket reservations are required, see our ticket order form

6:30 Pre-Ball Cocktail Party(cash bar)Registration and ticket pick up

7:00 Opening Court Dance by the Cleveland Hungarian Scout Folk Ensemble, Introduction of Guests,

Greetings: Dr. Ferenc Szebényi, Consul General Chicago

Prayer by Fr. András Mezei, Gala Dinner,

Awarding of the Árpád Academy Medal to our winner of 2015:

Awarding of the Ladányi Foundation Art Competiton winners.

Presentation of the Debutantes.



Árpád Academy General Meeting: presided over by: LélSomogyi, Academy Secretary General
9:00 (in Hungarian) Worship service led by visiting scholar Szabolcs Nagy
10:00 (in Hungarian) Serving in Algogy Transylvania YMCA camp: Julianne Ludanyi
10:30 (in Hungarian) Research presentation of World Values Survey. Global Cultural Ties Through Faith Security and Well Being: Péter Szilvay
11:00 Closing Remarks