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57th HUNGARIAN CONGRESS – Katalin Nagy

Lecture by Katalin Nagy: “ Using our Past to build our Future: How and why the UNESCO recognized Táncház method connects Hungarians worldwide”

Lecture is in Hungarian, English translation available simultaneously.

At Hungarian Association Congress on Friday November 24, 2017, 11:00 am

at the Hilton Garden Inn Cleveland Downtown, 
1100 Carnegie Ave, Cleveland, Ohio  44115 
Nagy Katalin
Katalin Nagy

“Hungarian folk heritage is globally known and appreciated all around the world. But why is it important to recognize this as more than an expression of Hungarian virtues and cultural diversity, but also as one of the most effective community builders between Hungarians worldwide?

Our folk traditions are alive and can help us include our vivid culture in our day to day lives. We have our own unique way that we share this. This is the Táncház method, which is listed and acclaimed by UNESCO as a good example for nurturing our national identity in Hungary and abroad as well.

This presentation will share personal and professional experiences about the intersection of country image and dance pedagogy gathered from the presenter’s Kőrösi Csoma Program Internship. It will delve into the theoretical aspects as well as provide practical examples and methods to help the work of teachers in Hungarian Schools in our diaspora communities.

It will conclude with a roundtable discussion about the observations and opinions of participants, allowing a forum to share challenges and solutions as we collectively seek to incorporate this methodology to build bridges and cultivate connections across multiple regions and generations.”

Thanking the foundation for grants that made this program possible.

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