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Lecture by Zsolt Nadas: “Our Global Generation was Born in a Tent”

Lecture is in Hungarian, English translation available simultaneously.

At Hungarian Association Congress on Friday November 25, 2017, 10:30 am

at the Hilton Garden Inn Cleveland Downtown, 
1100 Carnegie Ave, Cleveland, Ohio  44115 
Nádas Zsolt
Zsolt Nadas

“Between the influence of technology, the increased ease of travel, and rapidly growing multi-national corporations, the world has become progressively smaller and more accessible. However, opportunity is not always enough – sometimes structure is needed to create connections. This presentation will explore the journey of our presenter, the American born grandchild of emigrated Hungarians. It will share the challenges and successes of his repatriation to Hungary and subsequent joining the Hungarian workforce at a global company. It will illustrate the parallels between the cultural foundation learned through Hungarian Scouts in Exteris and the current Hungarian culture in Budapest. It will provide guidance and a roadmap to reconnect Hungarians to not just their cultural roots, but the growing global community of tomorrow.”



Thanking the foundation for grants that made this program possible.

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