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60th HUNGARIAN CONGRESS – “Is Orban Viktor a Populist?” Prof. Andrew Ludanyi presentation


What are the historical roots of populism? The quest for the popular control of decision-making is as old as humanity, but its realization is mainly a product of the revolutionary movements of the past two hundred and forty-two years. The American 1776, the French 1789, and the Hungarian 1848 and 1956 revolutions are each milestones in this governmental evolution of mankind. Abraham Lincoln’s classic phrase from the Gettysburg address of “government of, for and by the people” is just the most succinct
definition of this quest!

Dr. ANDREW LUDÁNYI was born in Szikszó, Hungary in 1940. Most of his formal education was completed in the United States: B.A. at Elmhurst College (Illinois) 1963; M.A. at Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge) 1965; Ph.D. at Louisiana State University, 1971. He joined the faculty of Ohio Northern University in 1968 as a member of the History and Political Science Department where his specialty subfields were Comparative Politics and International Relations. He retired as Emeritus Professor in 2008. His research has focused on interethnic and inter-nationality relations in East Central Europe and the United States, with particular attention on developments in Transylvania and Voivodina.

He has published numerous articles and reviews and edited three books in his research area. Some of his latest journal publications include “The Legacy of Transylvania in Romanian and Hungarian Historiography” (2011), “American and Hungarian Perspectives on Minority Issues” (2011), “Csángó Denationalization: Romania’s Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?” (2013), and his autobiography in Hungarian: Amerikai életutam (My American Roadtrip) (2020).

2021. november 27. at 11am
Hilton Garden Inn Downtown, 
1100 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland,
Ohio, USA 44115


A 60. Magyar Kongresszus / The 60th Hungarian Congress
Magyar Találkozó / Árpád Akadémia / Árpád Rend