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45th Hungarian Association — Journeys with a Monk

Meghívó / Invitation

Magyar Társaság Hungarian Association

Jöjjön el a XLV. Találkozóra! 2005 november 24-27

Magyar Kongresszus / Magyar Találkozó / Árpád Akadémia / Árpád Rend

Crowne Plaza Cleveland City Centre hotel, 777 St. Clair Ave.

In downtown Cleveland

Saturday, November 26, 4:00 PM, Ritz Room

Documentary film:

„Utazások egy szerzetessel” “Journeys with a Monk”

Magyar film, English subtitles

Ft. Böjte Csaba ferences atya munkájáról, Erdélyben 700 gyereknek nyújt otthont. / Work of Brother Csaba Böjte, Franciscan monk, who works with

more than 700 Hungarian children in Erdély-Transylvania. Host: Erika Papp Faber (Sandy Hook, CT)

Brother Csaba Böjte, a Franciscan monk living Transylvania, recently touched many hearts and minds when he came to speak in Cleveland in October of 2005. If you missed his presentation, or even if you already heard him speak, come view this film to learn more about his work.

About Csaba Böjte: After the 1956 Revolution in Hungary, Brother Böjte’s father, a resident of Erdély / Transylvania, was sentenced to seven years prison. His crime was reciting a poem in private company, after which someone had turned him in to the authorities. After four and half years in prison, he was released, only to die two-three months later. His mother however, continued to actively work for religious freedom and social justice. She studied theology, and in 1992 with the help of many good people, helped her son to restore a crumbling monastery in Déva (Erdély/Transylvania), which eventually became a children’s home and school.

In 1999, the Romanian government transferred official ownership of this building to the Catholic Church. Since 1998, the government had officially acknowledged the work of the children’s home and pledged money toward each child’s maintenance. However, more help is always needed, to cover basics such as food, housing, and the needs of the dedicated staff who work beside the many volunteers.

Brother Böjte now heads the mission of caring for and educating children who would otherwise be lost or struggle in extremely dire circumstances. Today, the original building houses more than 400 children, whose heritage includes Hungarian, Romanian, Gypsy, Catholic, Reformed Protestant and Baptist. About half are of Hungarian ethnic identity and their common background is that a parent or guardian requested in writing that they be admitted and raised in God’s name. There is also a kindergarten in Szászváros, and other children’s homes in Szováta, Zsombolya and Szárhegy. Plans are in the works for homes in Torockó, Szalonta, Kolozsvár and Petrozsény. Recently, fifteen young people earned their baccalaureate and fourteen went on to study in higher education.


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MT 2005 Bojte Film flyer

MT 2005 Bojte Film flyer