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Lakewood, OH 44107

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Flyer – Film: Troop 214

Friday – Grand Ballroom

8:30 pm







Immediately following the Hungarian Association’s – Magyar Társaság – yearly traditional musical and literary performances, at 8:30 pm, George Paul Csicsery (Oakland, CA), writer & independent filmmaker, will present the premier of the English subtitled version of his film Troop 214 (In Magyar, with English subtitles). The film documents the irrepressible nature and revival of the Hungarian Scout movement & their return to Hungary, compared to the mandatory communist Pioneer youth organization. Mr. Csicsery has chosen the Hungarian Congress as the site for his US premiere of Troop 214, English version, originally co-produced with Duna-TV in Budapest, Hungary. Followed by question-answer discussion, with audience participation, all invited!


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