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56th HUNGARIAN CONGRESS – The Zrinyi Publishing House Book Exhibit

The Hungarian Association Congress presents:

The Zrinyi Publishing House Book Exhibit:

2016 November 25th  Friday noon till 7 pm and November 26th 10 am to 6:30 pm.

Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Cleveland
1100 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, USA 44115

Hungary’s Ministry of Defense’s Zrinyi Publishing House  award winning book exhibit, arranged by János Isaszegi, General (retired)


The Zrinyi Publishing House is part of the Zrinyi Mapping and Communications Servicing Non-Profit Ltd, and is wholly owned by the Hungarian Ministry of Defense. The elaborate photo and color plate filled volumes introduce hitherto unrevealed layers of history and military history as well as military science. Published material includes: military history  and science, diaries and memoirs, history of military branches, soldiers in peacetime and foreign missions, security policy and terrorism, military aviation, military technology, photo albums, heritage protection guidebooks, historical fiction and children’s activity books.

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