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The Hungarian Association, in co-operation with Grasselli Library of John Carroll University, cordially invites your presence and participation at the opening of the memorial exhibit of the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution. Please join us to celebrate the courage of the Hungarian people and in remembrance of this nation which dared to take on the huge Soviet Empire in search of freedom and human dignity.

Date and Time: Sunday, October 16, 2016, beginning at 2:00 pm

Location: Atrium of John Carroll University Grasselli Library, with reception and film showing to follow in the Mackin Room in the lower level (elevator available)

Campus map, parking, & accessibility:

Exhibit dates: Sunday, October 16, through Saturday, October 30, 2016. Call for open times: 216.397.4233.

Reception:  To follow opening remarks and film on Sunday, October 16. Everyone is welcome.

For additional information: Call 216.397.4723 or visit the Hungarian Association website:


pic1The Exhibit opening will be followed by a viewing of “PLAY YOUR OWN GAME.” The events of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution intertwined with the life of the reigning soccer star Ferenc Puskás give new meaning to the bloody revolt that cracked the myth of communist ideology. Through archival footage, director Ferenc Török portrays the power of the human spirit that ignited the uprising of the Hungarian people against the evil and hugely oppressive communist Soviet empire. It will be followed by the 2007 award winning film, “FREEDOM DANCE” (animated documentary, intercutting original character driven animation w/ recorded interviews and photos), the story of a young artist and his newly wedded wife, Edward and Judy Hilbert, literally running for their lives on a gutsy and determined quest for personal independence.


footerThe Hungarian Association gratefully acknowledges the support of the Hungary Initiatives Foundation (Washington, DC) for their generous financial assistance for this exhibit and the opening ceremonies and reception