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A 60. Magyar Kongresszus – „Miért olyan sikeresek a Magyarok a vizi sportban?”

Kovács Tamás, chicagói főkonzul: „Miért olyan sikeresek a Magyarok a vizi sportban?” (in Hungarian) címmel

személyes élményeit osztja meg: „Az akkori 2. Számú Általános Iskola sportosztályában kezdtem tanulmányaimat, majd a Rózsa Ferenc Gimnáziumban érettségiztem. Alapvetően meghatározta mindennapjaimat, hogy versenyszerűen úsztam az Előrében, ahol Szabados Béla olimpikon volt a mi ikonunk, felnéztünk rá, figyeltük az eredményeit.”


A 60. Magyar Kongresszus / The 60th Hungarian Congress
Magyar Találkozó / Árpád Akadémia / Árpád Rend

2021. november 27. d.u. 2:45
Hilton Garden Inn Downtown, 
1100 Carnegie Avenue,
Cleveland, Ohio, USA 44115
Kovács Tamás
Kovács Tamás

TAMÁS KOVÁCS, Consul General of Hungary in Chicago

Tamás Kovács became the Chicago Consul General of Hungary on October 1, 2020. He is an experienced diplomat with strong service orientation cross-cultural relationships. By 2011, he served as the Trade Commissioner at the Consulate General in Los Angeles, where he primarily focused on companies that were looking to export, invest abroad, attract investment abroad, or to develop innovation and R&D partnerships. He successfully implemented global and country reports as well as gave advice to several Hungarian companies on the United States market in order to get businesses export-ready. After six years in Los Angeles, he was transferred to Chicago as Deputy Consul General where he continued to add another title to his impressive resumé; he provided leadership to the consular section while still maintaining the ongoing responsibility of collecting and reporting information that could affect national interests to improve business relationships. To highlight a particularly exceptional achievement, he successfully took part in the repatriation of Hungarian citizens in the Mid West states who were stranded abroad in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.