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Playing again at the Hungarian Association’s 45th Annual Congress

November 24-27, 2005

Crowne Plaza Cleveland City Centre Hotel 777 St Clair Avenue, in downtown Cleveland

(6th floor)

Ismét bemutatjuk a Magyar Társaság XLV. Kongresszusa alatt Bognár Tibor igen sikeres filmjét a clevelandi Magyar negyedről.


a film by Mr. Tibor Bognár, hosted by Dr. John Palasics

In English! Showtime: Friday Nov. 25 9:15 AM


Here is another chance to view this important film in case you missed it, or wish to see it again. Mr. Tibor Bognár, international student from Hungary,

produced and directed this film in 2004 as a Master’s Degree candidate in the Department of Communications & Theatre Arts at John Carroll University. He was a participant in the Calasantius Training Program, which had already sponsored over one hundred Hungarian students earning diplomas in Master’s Degree programs all over the United States. He has since returned to Hungary but the new Hungarian student at JCU, Mr. Zoltán Bugnyár, will be present, along with host Dr. John Palasics.

The old Moreland Theatre on Buckeye Road

Szúretimulatság: Scenes from a grape harvest festival. 1940’s. (Courtesy Cleveland Press)

The Magyars who colonized the Buckeye Road area on the east side of Cleveland in the late1800’s built the proverbial „Little Hungary” that lasted for the next 120 years. This film chronicles the rise and decline of this once vital neighborhood, where one could go from cradle to grave in the “middle of Middle America” – and never need to know a word of English! But the Magyars of Buckeye were also patriotic, true-blue Americans, and one need only consult the honor rolls of Buckeye-boys who died in American uniform in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. At the same

time, its citizens were proud of a 1000 year old Magyar heritage that was

exemplified in the parades, processions and feasts of Buckeye Road, where the streets were not “paved with gold,” but rather, bedecked with red, white and green banners.

Come see this film for the first time – or again and remember. . . .

Mr. Tibor Bognár Bognár Tibor munkaközben

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